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Headset PRO

Our Headset Pro in combination with our customised app comes with pre-installed content. This content is specifically tailored to the needs of the company's industry and the requirements of the end customer.

We currently offer our services in the following areas: Hospitality, care and companies that want to offer their employees a unique and relaxing break during a stressful working day.

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TravelOne & naTUra

Dive into a new dimension of entertainment with TravelOne. Create a holistic experience for body, mind and soul for your guests with naTUra content.

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MindScape VR

Offer your employees access to innovative relaxation and entertainment options to strengthen your position as an attractive employer. MindScape offers your employees a unique retreat to relieve stress and recharge their batteries. Invest in your teams and increase your company's productivity.

Scope of delivery

VR headset
individual pre-installed software

stand / case

Scope of services

plug-and-play system
simple navigation through eye contact

robust & durable

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