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TravelOne & naTUra



Natur bathing



With TravelOne, we present a wide range of diverse content to offer you an immersive experience that will amaze you. Immerse yourself in fascinating animal worlds, explore majestic mountain worlds up to their summit crosses and experience the beauty of nature in breathtaking virtual reality.

​Treat yourself to a virtual break and experience a unique blend of entertainment and excitement. Our TravelOne content is designed for young and old and offers unrivalled 360° adventures. Take the opportunity to experience giraffes, lions, rhinos and elephants as if they were standing right next to you.


The desire for a break from hectic everyday life and the longing to spend more time in nature are widespread. However, this is often difficult or involves considerable effort, especially in urban areas. 

Our Headset PRO combined with the pre-installed naTUra content makes it easier for you to retreat into nature and create oases where you can find complete peace and relaxation. The integration of breathing exercises completes the relaxation factor and helps you to experience total relaxation.

Whether it's guided meditation, breathing exercises or experiencing forest bathing - naTUra offers everyone customised relaxation.

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