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Increase in turnover


Increase in turnover

Experience a new dimension of comfort with our modern product. Our headset as an exclusive extra on your offer list enables your guests to take a private break in their room and find inner peace. A special offer to make your guests stay even more unforgettable.

Health care

The combination of health awareness and modern technology defines a contemporary lifestyle. While many people associate technology with hectic and stress, our VR headset is an innovative exception. It not only allows you to consciously pay attention to your own health, but also creates a counterbalances to the fast pace of everyday life. The VR headset invites your guests to immerse themselves in a deep state of calm, escape the stresses of everyday life and experience regenerative relaxation.

Modern entertainment

In today's world, modern entertainment has become a basic need. The rapid pace of technological progress means that guests expectations are constantly growing. With our VR headset, you can keep your finger on the pulse and fulfil your guests increasing demands for contemporary entertainment.


An innovative customer focus requires thinking outside the box, a proactive approach to the changing needs of guests and a continuous search for ways to deepen and optimize the relationship with the guest. Be visionary and actively respond to the needs of your guests.

Unforgettable moments

Create unforgettable moments that will leave a lasting impression on your guests, which they will be happy to share and remember at home. Create experiences that will come back vividly in their minds even after a long time and help to ensure that they are not just one-off visitors but become long-term regular guests.


By implementing 360° videos into your marketing strategy, you can position your company as a pioneer of digital transformation. This innovative technology enables you to create immersive experiences that inspire your target group and increase your brand awareness.

Our customised products for YOUR company

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Headset PRO

Our Headset PRO is both the mobile spa in a suitcase and your gateway to virtual adventures. It opens up the possibility of traveling, even when physical travel is not possible for various reasons, and brings peace and relaxation to you whenever and where er you need it.


360° video production

Discover the future of marketing with our 360° video production: a state-of-the-art solution for innovative and engaging content that digitises your company and presents it in a contemporary way. Use our VR app and stand out from the competition.

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