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MindScape VR

Offer your employees access to innovative relaxation and entertainment options to strengthen your position as an attractive employer. MindScape offers your employees a unique retreat to relieve stress and recharge their batteries. Invest in your teams and increase your company's productivity.

YOUR benefits


Maximise productivity


Employee satisfaction is a decisive factor for the success of your company. The best and most sustainable way to increase productivity is through satisfied employees.



Employee satisfaction

Nowadays, potential employees are not only looking for a fair and well-paid job. They are also comparing what companies offer in terms of working conditions, as WORK-LIFE BALANCE is at the top of their list of priorities. With MindScape VR, you can offer your employees the opportunity to escape the daily work routine during their breaks and bring more balance into their everyday lives.



Positive corporate culture

The workplace is the place where we spend most of our day on average. It is crucial to spend this valuable time in a positive environment. The people in our immediate surroundings have the greatest influence on our well-being.



Less sick leave & staff turnover

Nowadays it is not only difficult to attract qualified employees, but also to reduce staff turnover. With the help of MindScape VR and the possibility of short but effective rest breaks, you can ensure less sick leave and a healthier working environment. This in turn promotes the satisfaction of your existing employees and their loyalty to your company.

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